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Welcome to the desert of the real.

February 12, 2009

George Packer catches a small, fleeting glimpse of the problem I talked about most recently in my filibuster post, but have talked about before.  Quoth George:

The landscape of the future seems more favorable to Democrats than Republicans. And the country seems at risk of dividing into wealthier, better educated, more liberal cities, where new populations will flow, and poorer, less educated, more conservative suburbs and rural areas, where the populations will grow sparser. This transformation might usher in a new era of liberal ascendancy, but it will bring new problems, new inequalities, new resentments.

Packer is one of those wealthier, better educated, more liberal city-dwellers.  He’s part of an entire class of such people, who don’t realize that the new problems, inequalities, and resentments he foresees won’t be new.  They’re already here.  They have been for a long time.

What I think Packer is right about is: they will get worse.

And the more the rules of governance — be it filibuster rules or electoral college rules or senatorial representation rules — get changed to better represent the large population centers peopled by Packer’s class, the more those poorer, less educated, more conservative people out in the hinterlands are going to feel shut out, put out, and pissed off.