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The Future’s All Yours, You Lousy Bicycle

June 25, 2008

Our faithful editor seems to have sent us into a funk, what with his talk of what the doctors were going to do and the where-they-were-going-to-do-it. Chances are he isn’t in a hurry to hop in a bike at this very moment. JU, of course, well…I dare any of you to shut the guy up about bikes. He bikes to work, bikes to the store, bikes just for, ummmm, fun. Me, I’m with Butch Cassidy. The future is all yours, bikes. I only ride if Burt Bacharach serenades me while Katharine Ross rides shotgun.

But some people…well, they try to come up with new variations on an old theme. I mean, how can you improve a bike? It has two wheels. Pedals of some sort. Possibly a chain. But, no, some people aren’t satisfied. They want to make bikes out of cardboard or with square wheels, of all things.

So here’s a post that will interest, like, one person (JU). Because it’s about bicycles. (Although, the linked article is worth reading just so you can learn the phrase “inverted catenaries.” Which I can’t imagine not being useful at your next cocktail party.)

Just wanted to post something because I was tired of people coming to our blog because of Al’s colon.