About Us

Welcome to Hungry, Hungry Hippos, a multiple author blog on whatever topics happen to strike us as worth discussing. We are an open-minded, somewhat diverse group of folks, seeking to add more and more diversity to our hungry, hungry hippo world. Feel free to enter, just play nice!

We’ve been around since February ’05 (on Blogger as “Desperate Houseflies”), and we moved to WordPress in August ’07 and claimed as our new namesake one of the greatest games of all-time. As you can see by the names under “categories,” we’ve had several authors over the life of our blog, but as of now we are six in number. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Al Sturgeon: In response to a mid-life crisis, I am now a law student at Pepperdine University. I live in Malibu. Hate me.

Juvenal Urbino: I’m a single, white male, over the age of 21. I went to college, then went back for more. Once or twice. Now I work for The Man.  I think “Peckinpah” is a fun name to say. I’ll probably write about policy and politics a lot, along with whatever else strikes my fancy, probably including neuroscience, evolutionary theory, fiction, ethics, rectangles, tangerines, and tatty old gnus.

Michael Lasley: Michael Lasley is a genius. He will write about genius-type things, including, but not limited to, WordPress navigation.

Mrs. Peacock: I’m Candice, formerly known as C-Love. Some WordPress hooligan stole my name, so now I am one of the greatest cinematic (and board game) characters of all time. In my real life, I’m a designer and wannabe musician. I’ll probably write about music, movies, books, general pop culture stuff.

Msmiranda: I’m a 31-year-old DC resident (hopefully only for another few years), originally from Mississippi.  Used to be a lawyer, now I’m a new mom and unsure about what to do with myself careerwise.  For the rest of 2007 I’ll be at home enjoying life with my son Casey.  My posts will be somewhat political, but not in the sense of being about current events or public policy — I like to write about what I call “morality in everyday life. ” Unlike Al, I come at these questions from a nonreligious perspective.  If I tend to write a lot about parenting or reproductive issues, you’ll have to forgive me.  I’ve heard that you should write what you know, and I tend to follow that maxim.

Unicorntx: I’m Bruno and like people to know that I grew up in Texas, but spoke only German the first six years of my life. First grade was tough. I’m now a 30 year resident of Mississippi. I’m Retired Clergy and would probably be convicted of heresy if I were brought to trial. Anything I post will be plagarized, as my writing skills are far below Freshman English level.

3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Tater Says:

    Go C-Love!

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