A Christmas Angel From Nebraska


Okay, I know I’m late. Just think of this phenomenal Christmas piece by Garrison Keillor as being very early for Christmas 2010.

Read it HERE.

2 Responses to “A Christmas Angel From Nebraska”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    I am not a Keillor fan, and would not have read that, even had I stumbled across it, without your prompting.

    It is quite wonderful, and resonated with me personally.

    My daughter was born three days before Christmas; oldest grandson two days after.

    I had some encounters with brain damaged people this last year. Very moving experiences that left me feeling conflicted.

    Oldest grandaughter is a dancer. At competition last spring she was doing a tap routine in a group of 8 to “Luck Be A Lady” when their sound cut out. Nobody missed a beat. They completed the routine perfectly, as near as I can tell, and got a high gold. Quite something to see.


  2. alsturgeon Says:

    Thanks, JzB! I have always enjoyed reading GK (althought I have never really got into listening to his radio show), but I thought this piece was just fantastic in about every way possible. Glad you enjoyed it, too.

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