On Like Donkey Kong


In what is probably the most improbable political duel in years, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Washington Post columnist David Broder have gotten into a public slap-like-a-girl fight.

These are probably the two most middling, lukewarm, bland, bloodless, colorless, soft-focus Milquetoasts in Washington.

If it were a professional fight, they’d promote it as Mudpuddle Reid vs.  Soggy Biscuit Broder.

(On the substance, both men are right: Reid is utterly uninspiring and ineffectual as a leader, and Broder has been trying to pass off the same 1980s-era bromides as gray-headed wisdom for a long, long time.)

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One Response to “On Like Donkey Kong”

  1. mrspeacock Says:

    I use the phrase “It’s on like Donkey Kong” on a weekly basis. Perhaps I should take on Harry Reid? Sounds like a fight I might actually win. I’m skinny… but I’m strong!

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