Deep Stupid


It’s shooting fish in a barrel — actually, it’s more like shooting a pumpkin in a barrel — but today’s winner is Sarah Palin.

The Israeli government is again expanding Jewish settlements in territory that belongs to the Palestinians.  Basically, they’re making any kind of peace treaty with the Palestinians impossible.

Ms. Palin’s response to that is that Israel should be allowed to expand these settlements as much as they want, because:

that population of Israel is, is going to grow. More and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead.

First off, I’m not sure what special insight into “that” worldwide Jewish population Ms. Palin has, such that she knows flocks of them will move to Israel in the next few days, weeks, or months.  Maybe it’s part of that whole End Times nuttiness.

Second, and this is the stupid part: what the heck does she think “that” Palestinian population is going to do?  Shrink?  I know she doesn’t think they’re going to get Raptured away, since they’re evil Canaanites.  Where does she think they’re going to go?

And as Matt Yglesias points out, the population of every country on Earth is growing.  According to Palin’s logic, that means they’re all entitled to poach as much land as they need from neighboring countries, which . . . well, you know.

Heck, that population of Terry’s house is expanding.  I guess he’s entitled to snag his neighbor’s house to keep a roof over his burgeoning horde.

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6 Responses to “Deep Stupid”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    I’ve been keeping a half-hearted eye out for the FoxNews review of Palin’s book. If anyone has seen it, please let me know. Other than the interview on Hannity, I’ven’t seen a thing on their website the past few days that indicates that they’ve read her book or have anything good or bad to say about it. Maybe I’ve missed it?

  2. ME Says:

    I’ve hired a ghost reader to check it out for ME. I’ll get back to you.

  3. Terry Says:

    Heard a review on NPR the other day. The reviewer was surprised by the substance of some of it, but not enough to actually call it a good read.

    Gotta go move into my neighbor’s house. Would’ve been more fun if the hot French-speaking lady still lived there.

  4. jazzbumpa Says:

    Ed at the highly recommended “Gin and Tacos” has sacrificed himself so that the rest of us do not have to endure the brain stultifying agony of Going Rove, excuse me, Rogue.

    Ed does not suffer fools gladly, and is often linguistically colorful in rendering his brutally blunt assessments.

    The challenge with Palin is trying to figure out which specific aspect of her idiocy to home in on.

    What could that NOR reviewer possibly have liked?

    JzB the gin appreciating trombonist

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