Random Notes


Apparently, prisons are the new monorail.

This one’s been bugging me for several months: what’s up with Magic Johnson shilling for those rent-to-own vultures?  There may well be no bigger vampire sucking the blood out of poor black people than the Rent-a-Centers of the world, but that doesn’t stop Magic from flashing that boyish smile at the folks on RAC’s behalf.  It’s just “a little help with your go’s,” he says.

Magic, fans in the inner cities have stuck with you and stood up for you through the affairs and the AIDS and all the rest.  This is how you repay them?  You’re a contemptible excuse for a human being.


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2 Responses to “Random Notes”

  1. Terry A. Says:

    Can’t believe you were content to let “The Magic Johnson Show” fall under the catch-all of “everything else.” Definitely deserves its own mention.

    Also: “a little help with your go’s.” What it means?

  2. urbino Says:

    I believe he means “goals.”

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