Brain Drain in the Offing


There’s a health care reform proposal floating around to include a public option, but allow states to opt out if they choose.  Politically it’s great.  In policy terms, it’s also probably good; gives you a chance to see a comparison between the states that have a public option and the ones that don’t.  Who’ll turn out to be right?  The GOP death-panelers, or the Dems?  Which will people prefer?  (OTOH, how good an experiment it is depends greatly on the nature of the public option included.)

The only downside I see to it, really, is that it’ll create another round of brain drain out of Southern and rural states.  Those are the places that will opt out.  And when they do, the more educated, higher income office workers and professionals will leave for states that didn’t opt out.  As will new college graduates.  And some of their employers will have to leave, too, to find the workers they need.

Those places need more of those people moving in.  Their problems will just get worse if the few they have start leaving.


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2 Responses to “Brain Drain in the Offing”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    I’ve seen and/or heard that the vast majority of the American people – even republicans and conservatives – want serious health care reform (though most probably have no concrete idea of what that means.) Can the Repug politicians maintain control in their strongholds if the people can see how they are being left behind?

    Another part of this is that the Blue dog Dems are repugs in disguise. I heard Kent Conrad on the radio this morning. What a tool!

    The populaton has been continuously dragged to the right since the 60’s. My fear is that it will take an epic disaster to move them back into some kind of balance.

  2. urbino Says:

    Can the Repug politicians maintain control in their strongholds if the people can see how they are being left behind?

    Heh, they have for the past 50 years, jb. I don’t see anything that suggests that’s about to turn around. Besides, the farther behind these folks get left, the more their pride kicks in: they dig in their heels more and convince themselves they’re really the ones who are better off.

    I don’t say that as a criticism. It’s just the attitude that prevails in the South, and always has. Probably goes back to the Scots-Irish cultural origins that David Hackett Fisher talks about.

    Yeah, the Blue Dogs aren’t hard to figure out. They’re not interested in good policy. They’re not even interested in what’s popular with their constituents. They know the keys to re-election in their districts are money, money, and money. They come from poor districts, so their constituents don’t have money to donate. The one or two big corporations in their district do, so that’s who they work for.

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