We’re number . . . 37!


6 Responses to “We’re number . . . 37!”

  1. alsturgeon Says:

    But we just may have the very best YouTube videos! LOL!

  2. michaellasley Says:

    What about our strength of schedule?!

  3. urbino Says:

    Good point. Most of us are very fat and lazy.

  4. jazzbumpa Says:

    Ha. Too true to be funny.

    Great find, Urbino. I have nothing to add.


  5. mrspeacock Says:

    I’m still laughing over whoever the heck is representing Sweden. And laughter is the best medicine, right?

  6. urbino Says:

    An ABBA alum, maybe?

    The music adds to the fun. Reminds me of the Georgia Satellites.

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