Bringin’ It All Together


Uniting the political with the pop cultural, I take note of the fact that Pres.  Obama called Kanye West a “jackass” for his Tourette’s episode during the VMA show, the other night.


7 Responses to “Bringin’ It All Together”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    That’s some righteous fair and balanced reporting there.

    Didst though, mayhaps, have a reaction, or some further thought on the matter?

  2. urbino Says:

    On the “jackass” remark, or on the reporting of it?

    I’m for the remark. Somehow, though, I don’t think the Glenn Becks of the world will take as much note of it as they did of Obama’s remark about that Cambridge cop.

    As for the reporting, I’ve got no problem with it being reported. ABC’s people were out of line for, essentially, stealing it, but I’m one of those folks who thinks reporters give officials way, way, WAY too much off-the-record leeway. I’m sure there are exception, but as a rule of thumb, anything said to a reporter should be on the record.

  3. michaellasley Says:

    Agreed on reporters allowing way too much off-the-record nonsense. Maybe there’s a time / place / etc. for that, but there should be a good reason for it.

    But. Obama had to have known that that comment would get out. Probably wanted it to get out. If he didn’t think that’d leak, then he really is out of touch with the world.

  4. urbino Says:

    Could be. His ‘Sister Souljah moment.’ I don’t really have a feel for it, either way.

  5. jazzbumpa Says:

    Actually my “fair and balanced reporting” remark was just a silly take on your brief post.

    As far as I’m concerned, Twitting something isn’t news reporting – it’s spreading gossip. Since CBBC and ABC share a common communication link, the ownership of content might become a bit ambiguous – not in a ethical sense, but as a matter of practicality.

    And I agree about on/off the record. Things are way to secretive in our quasi-police state.

    OTOH, it’s the SANE Republicans and conservatives – if such things actually exist – who need to be having their Sister Souljah moments.

  6. jazzbumpa Says:

    Oh – totally off topic, but I think I should tell you I’ve stolen your “Deep Stupid” idea.

  7. urbino Says:

    Feel free, jb.

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