Not Feeding the Bulldog


According to TPMDC:

According to Politico‘s Mike Allen, in his speech tonight, President Obama will stick to his longstanding game plan of endorsing the public option, but not demanding it, and leaving himself enough wiggle room to get on board with some sort of compromise.

If that’s what the president does, I suspect he’s not going to like America’s reaction to it.  Everybody’s been waiting for the president to step up and say — specifically and forcefully — what he wants, what he expects, what he will and will not accept.  Everybody’s expecting this speech to do that.

If all he does tonight is repeat the same vagaries he’s been repeating for months, in order to continue avoiding taking a firm position, people are going to be pissed.  And I don’t just mean progressives or Democrats or Obama voters.  I mean people in general.

People have been waiting for you to lead, Mr. President.  If you duck that responsibility again, in a spotlight like the one you’ve created for yourself tonight, your poll numbers are going to drop so fast you’ll get vertigo.

You’ve called everybody together.  You better show up and lead.


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