The Leadership Thing


I’ve been harping for a while on Pres. Obama’s lack of leadership since early in the summer.  He’s backed off of numerous campaign promises at the first sign of resistance from those who favored the old policies.  And his hands-off — even neglectful — approach to health care reform has both encouraged GOP intransigence and crazyism, and deflated liberal and progressive supporters, leaving him with no momentum and sagging approval.

I said last week that if he wants followers, he’s got to lead.  He’s got to show some strength.  Stand up for something.  Hit back when elected officials accuse him of secretly plotting a genocide, like any human being would who was accused of something so offensive.  Otherwise, he would lose people’s respect.

According to uber-pundit and pollster Charlie Cook, that’s exactly what’s happened.

I don’t exactly deserve an award for seeing this coming.  It’s very basic stuff.  Which is why it’s all the more frustrating that Obama and his entire political team have gotten it so completely wrong.

It seems we still have the problem I mentioned a couple of years ago (though durned if I can find it now): we have one party that stands for all the wrong things, and one party that stands for nothing.

Between those two, people will follow the leader.


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