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Deep Stupid

September 3, 2009

Today’s winner is Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA):

At a meeting of local Republicans last night, Broun said that Obama already has or will have the three key elements necessary to become a dictator: A national police force, gun control and control of the press.

Well, crap, every president since Theodore Roosevelt has had a national police force.  Rep. Broun’s objections to that are pretty late arriving.  What’s more, our previous vice president argued vehemently to our previous president that he could and should use the United States Army for domestic law enforcement.  And not just in theory.  He specifically urged the president to send the Army into Buffalo, NY, to arrest some people that, sensibly, the FBI ended up arresting.

I don’t recall hearing Rep. Broun raise so much as a whimper about that, but now that the president is Barack Obama, suddenly, just having a national police force is a sign of dictatorship.

As for gun control, everybody who’s paying any attention at all knows any new gun control legislation is DOA.  Broun, of course, also knows this, but this isn’t a useful fact when you’re trying to whip up panic and delegitimize a duly elected president.

Which brings us to “control of the press.”  I’ve got no idea what he’s even talking about with that one.  Is it just the old “liberal media bias” complaint re-cast as something more sinister?

Regardless, and aside from being deeply stupid, all this euthanasia/death panel/socialist/dictator/foreigner murder and mayhem stuff we’re hearing from elected GOP officials and from their national party spokesman is deeply irresponsible, civically vicious, and dangerous.