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The Strange Career of Alberto Gonzales

September 1, 2009

Breaking with his fellow Bush admin alums — and the entire Republican Party — former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says current Attorney General Eric Holder should investigate whether the CIA went beyond the torture Gonzales said was legal, and should prosecute anyone who did.

Fredo’s had a very strange post-admin career.

Normally, loyal soldiers in the GOP are well taken care of after their service.  They get a nice cushy, lucrative job at some GOP-friendly law firm or lobbying shop or institute or media outlet, and live comfortably the rest of their days.  Besides rewarding them for their loyalty, it helps keep them quiet.

Not so for Gonzales.  The conservative establishment has completely turned its back on him; left him out in the cold.  It’s led to the very embarrassing spectacle of a former Attorney General of the United States being unable to find a job.

This has always puzzled me.  I mean, Gonzales almost certainly knows where a lot of the bodies are buried.  You would think the GOP establishment would make sure they took good care of him.

Now that Gonzales has announced his support for Holder’s investigation, I’m beginning to wonder if he’ll become Bush’s John Dean.  Not completely, of course, since Dean actually did the honorable thing when it mattered: when he and his president were still in office and the shenanigans were still ongoing.  But Dean has also spent his post-Nixon career being a thorn in the flesh of those who have tried to continue Nixon-style politics — including Gonzales.

Anyhoo, now that we’re seeing some daylight between Gonzales and the GOP establishment, now that he’s broken the code of silence, it’ll be interesting to see how his career develops.  Does he become a John Dean?  Does he suddenly find himself in one of those cushy, lucrative jobs at a GOP-friendly firm?  Does he continue to be just sort of flaky?

Keep an eye out.

Update (09/03/2009 2:42 pm):  Heh.  That didn’t take long.  Fredo is recanting — or trying to recant — this statement.  Was he offered a cushy job in exchange for it?  We’ll see.