Buchanan Wrong as Usual


Before I stopped watching MSNBC because they insist on putting the racist Pat Buchanan in their programming, I heard Patsy argue over and over that Sarah Palin’s brick-like drop in popularity last fall wasn’t the cause of McCain’s corresponding drop in the polls.  No, Patsy insists, the problem was the financial crisis, which happened at about the same time that McCain’s and Palin’s numbers started falling.

This is an obvious load of malarkey.

Now, close analysis of the polling data demonstrates it is a load of malarkey:

John McCain’s August 29 announcement of Palin as his running mate surprised the Republican establishment, the media, and especially voters. She made a strong first impression: she enjoyed high approval ratings after her acceptance speech, and the percentage of voters saying that they intended to vote Republican skyrocketed. But within days of the speech, her ratings began a precipitous slide from which she—and the McCain campaign—never recovered. Throughout the rest of the campaign, vote intentions were closely tied to Palin’s approval ratings: each major Palin approval drop was followed, within a day or two, by a drop in McCain vote intention. No other factor moved McCain support with such precision.

Emphasis mine.


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