B-Slap Politics: Still Working


I’ve mentioned before that TPM’s Josh Marshall has called the GOP’s approach to politics over the past decade and a half the “bitch-slap theory of politics.”  That is, Republicans slap the Dems as hard as they can with some wild accusation, and the Dems try to make nice by mollifying them with concessions.  At which point the GOP slaps them again.  More concessions.  Repeat.

Apropos my comment here, having seen the Dems are caving on the public option in order to mollify Republicans, conservatives are already dishing out their next b-slap.

Via Sullivan’s blog:

The remaining parts of the proposals in Congress would leave us with a system in which government mandates that individuals buy insurance or pay a tax and that employers offer insurance or pay a tax. Then government would have to define what constitutes insurance. Medicaid would be expanded dramatically. The government would be providing subsidies to individuals to purchase insurance, but even if individuals don’t qualify for subsidies, at least under the House bill, they would be forced to purchase their insurance from a government-run exchange.

And though the policies offered at this exchange would be nominally “private” they would be designed by government bureaucrats. In the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions bill, a new Medical Advisory Council would be tasked with defining “qualifying” coverage; in the House bill, all Americans are required to have coverage that is deemed “acceptable” by a Health Choices Commissioner. No doubt, the creation of a new government-run plan is the easiest way for the country to evolve into a pure single-payer system, but even without one, the proposals being considered would give us a system in which individuals would be forced to purchase government-designed insurance polices from a government store.

And straight from the GOP, via TPM:

Reports Of Public Option’s Demise
Greatly Exaggerated


Co-Ops Would Be Funded By Federal Government.

Co-Ops Would Be Regulated By Federal Government.

Co-Ops Would Force Individuals Who Want To Join To Go Through State Governments.

Federal Government Would Use Co-Ops To Monopolize Health Insurance.

Also apropos of my comment:



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