Not Getting It


I’ve hinted before about how it seems Obama, rather than having a positive trait that can be called “post-partisan,” actually just won’t fight.  Or doesn’t know how.

Here’s a good example.  This is from an interview Ezra Klein did with the Director of the White House Office of Health Care Reform, Nancy-Ann DeParle:

A Rasmussen poll result said that in May, 35 percent of respondents rated the United States health care system as either good or excellent. Today, it’s 48 percent. Why are those underlying perspectives changing?

I have no idea. If anything, I’d expect it to be slightly worse because there’s been a lot of discussion about the need for reforms of the insurance market.

That, boys and girls, is just about the worst answer ever.  It’s an answer that ought to get a person fired.

You have no idea?  Well, crap, lady, you’re the person in charge of health care reform!  It’s your job to not only know why this is happening, but to know how to prevent and/or fix it.

As for why it’s happening, it’s blindingly obvious to everybody else who’s paying any attention at all: the existing system looks better and better to people because  your political opponents are out there telling them outrageous lies about the new system you are supposedly in charge of, and you and Obama and the congressional Dems are making only the weakest, meekest, intermittent efforts to counter that message.

How can this be the person in charge of health care reform?  How can the person in charge of health care reform “have no idea” why public opinion is swinging against health care reform?

What makes it even more remarkable is this isn’t her first rodeo.  She was involved in the Clinton administration’s attempt at health care reform in 1994.  She’s been mugged before; now two dudes in ski masks are sticking a gun in her ribs and cutting her purse off her shoulder, but when asked what’s happening to her, she says, “I have no idea.”

Epic FAIL.


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3 Responses to “Not Getting It”

  1. Sandi Says:

    This whole thing gets more depressing with each passing day. The fact of the matter is that Democrats’ problem is being too moral, too honest, too sincere to understand what playing dirty in politics is all about and thus unable to effectively counter it. There are some exceptions — um, the Clintons, in trying to get elected — but overall, as a group, that’s the issue, manifested in our lack of spin machine and echo chamber and the fact that we SUCK at framing and sound bites.

    And then there’s the fact that our people don’t vote in their numbers, and the people most in need of health care reform (the uninsured) don’t vote, and that the 40% of people in the middle are by and large kind of stupid and uninformed, and that the 30% who are insane are highly motivated, and there you have it.

    I was intrigued by something Jon Stewart suggested on Daily the other night — that the response to health care reform is in part motivated by the fear of a black president. What do you think of that? Would Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity be saying the exact same things about America being transformed and not the place they grew up if we had a white Democratic president?

  2. Sandi Says:

    Oh, I should add to my first paragraph that it’s a classic case of nice guys finishing last.

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