Cycling Minute


A brief respite from political posts to give this blogger “harrumph!”  Cyclists wouldn’t have to take to the sidewalk if motorists didn’t run them off the roads.  Literally.  Or just run them over.  Literally.  Or use wide shoulders as merge lanes and turn lanes.  Or do any of the thousand other really stupid and dangerous things I thoughtlessly used to do while driving, before I started cycling.

It’s true that it’s illegal to ride on the sidewalk in most places.  It’s also true that bicycles have the same legal right to the road as cars in most places.  I’d wager that a statistical analysis would find an extremely high correlation between violations of the latter laws and violations of the former.

Personally, there’s only one very short stretch of road where I ever ride on the sidewalk (and I always ride it there), but I’m not very bright and don’t value my life that highly.  If either of those things were otherwise, I’d probably be on the sidewalk more often.

Probably nobody but me is interested in any of this (except maybe ME?), but, you know, deal.



One Response to “Cycling Minute”

  1. ME Says:

    It’s funny how laws about cycling vary from state to state and how confusing they can be. In Arkansas, it’s not clear who has the right of way but it is illegal to ride on sidewalks. I stay off the sidewalks if I can help it.

    Fortunately, I ride early in the day when traffic is the lightest and I’m always illuminated.

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