What If Nobody Answers?


Ezra Klein reports that Obama’s political team plan to gin up their grassroots organization this week in defense of health care reform, and the public option in particular.

I could very easily be wrong about this, but I suspect they’re going to be disappointed with the grassroots response.

Health care reform is a really big deal to a really large number of Americans (about 65% favor a tax-funded public option, according to the last poll numbers I saw), so I’m sure they’ll be able to generate some letters to congress and some petition signatures, but I think Obama’s people are going to find that their man’s behavior over the past few months has killed off a lot of the grassroots at the roots.

A lot of progressives — who made up the bulk and most energetic part of Obama’s vaunted internet operation — have lost their passion for the man, having watched him throw them overboard on so many of the issues they care most about and thought he campaigned on.

So while, given the issue, I’m sure there will be some response, I suspect Team Obama will find a much more indifferent grassroots than they expect.  Here’s hoping they get the message.

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