Deep Stupid


Today’s winner is Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who was the lone no vote in the entire House of Representatives on a bill to install a plaque in the Capitol Visitors Center that honored the slaves who labored to build the Capitol Building.

King says he had to vote no to protect America’s “Judeo-Christian heritage.”  See:

Last night I opposed yet another bill to erect another monument to slavery because it was used as a bargaining chip to allow for the actual depiction of ‘In God We Trust’ in the CVC. The Architect of the Capitol and liberal activists opposed every reference to America’s Christian heritage, even to the extent of scrubbing ‘In God We Trust’ from the depiction of the actual Speaker’s chair in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This is just the latest example of a several year effort by liberals in Congress to scrub references to America’s Christian heritage from our nation’s Capitol. Liberals want to amend our country’s history to eradicate the role of Christianity in America and chisel references to God or faith from our historical buildings.

Our Judeo-Christian heritage is an essential foundation stone of our great nation and should not be held hostage to yet another effort to place guilt on future Americans for the sins of some of their ancestors. Christian abolitionists gave their lives by the hundreds of thousands to end slavery. Great American leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. worshipped God just as our Founding Fathers did. We must never forget this important aspect of our heritage or use it as a political bargaining chip.

Those of you who know me well have heard/read my attempts over the years to correct some of the false history King is trying to perpetuate here.  I’ll spare everybody yet another tiresome, detailed refutation.

Instead, I’ll just say:

  1. I can’t find any hard numbers, but I seriously doubt there were hundreds of thousands of Christian abolitionists at any one time in antebellum America, much less hundreds of thousands who died for the cause.  Let’s assume there were.  There were at all times many times more pro-slavery Christians than abolitionist, and they killed and died by the millions to defend it.
  2. While Martin Luther King was worshiping God with his small group of supporters, millions of whites who hated him sat in their churches worshiping that same Judeo-Christian god.
  3. Most of our Founding Fathers did not worship God in anything resembling the same way Martin Luther King did.
  4. Nobody asked African slaves if they wanted to join us in our happy Judeo-Christian heritage.

Rep. King, Rep. Bachmann, and Gov. Palin should get together and write a “Judeo-Christian Heritage for Stupid Persons” book.


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2 Responses to “Deep Stupid”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    Genius book idea.

  2. jazzbumpa Says:

    Deep stupid is easy. A tiresome, detailed refutation is hard.

    If you can supply a link, I’d love to read it.

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