Somebody Alert Charles Krauthammer


President Obama, in his eagerness to abase himself before religious dictators, has publicly referred to Pope Benedict as “the Holy Father.”

Does the man’s obsequiousness to high-handed, foreign clerics know no bounds?  Is he part of a conspiracy to subjugate America to Vatican City?  Is he a secret Catholic?  I think he must be.  Why else would he recognize the pope as his father?

I’ll tell you why else: your mom.

Which is to say there can be no other possible explanation.  None.  Obama is a secret Catholic (a Templar? zomg!) who secretly wants to secretly surrender American sovereignty to the monarch of Vatican City.  Did I mention “secret”?

You know, I bet those famously secret Vatican archives are where Obama’s real birth certificate is, too.  The one showing he was really born in Vatican City.

Now it all comes clear.  Give it up, Obama!  We’re on to you, now!

via Sullivan


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2 Responses to “Somebody Alert Charles Krauthammer”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    I have no idea how old you are. Probably to young to know about this. I was a freshman in (Catholic) High School when Kennedy was elected. Except for the secret part, people actually talked like this.

    Catholic Repugnicants talked like this.


  2. urbino Says:

    I am too young, but, yeah, that’s the word on the history street.

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