Palin Packs It In


So Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska.  She’s been elected to statewide office exactly once in her life, and she’s quitting right in the middle of her term.  Not because she’s won a higher post.  She just quit.

According to Mary Matalin on CNN just now, this is “brilliant.”  She and Palin should hang out together; they seem to be on the same delusional trip.  Tony Blankley, another GOP operative, didn’t go as far as “brilliant,” but he did hold out for “good idea.”  Whatever.  Ed Rollins, Reagan’s campaign manager, called it for what it is: a disaster.  When Blankley argued against him, Rollins responded by saying if he were running a candidate against her in Iowa or New Hampshire, he would absolutely eat her alive with this.  This is, of course, both true and exactly what will happen if Palin runs for president.

Some nutbar just said, repeatedly, that this is lining up to run in 2012 because, “It’s just not in her personality to step away from anything.”

Dude.  Why are you on tv right now?  What news could possibly be big enough to interrupt wall-to-wall Michael Jackson chatter?  Oh, right: Sarah Palin just stepped away from the biggest job she’s ever had.  She flat quit.  Clearly, it is in her personality to step away sometimes.

My sense is that what Sarah Palin really wants is not high office, but celebrity.  For her, high office is just a form of celebrity, and probably not the one she particularly wants.   Ever since John McCain inexplicably picked her as his veep candidate, her duties as governor have gotten in the way of celebrity rather than advanced it.  Now that she’s built an audience as part of the McCain campaign, she can leave governing behind and just enjoy the celebrity.

I’ll go on the record with the following predictions:

  1. Look for her to get a high-profile talk radio show and/or a primetime spot on Fox News.  The Rush Limbaugh kind of celebrity is way more fun, way more lucrative, and way less work than the governing kind of celebrity.
  2. She won’t run for president or any other office, but she will do a dance of a thousand veils about it every 4 years from now on, since holding out the possibility boosts her celebrity.  She may even make one or more little runs for president (think Pat Buchanan), especially if her celebrity starts to flag, but with no intention or desire to win.  It will be strictly about boosting her celebrity.
  3. She will be an American Heritage speaker at Harding no later than next spring.

Meanwhile, another one of Sullivan’s readers said some things relevant to my last post on Palin, and I largely agree with them.  I don’t buy the “empty vessel” notion, but the rest is pretty spot on.


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9 Responses to “Palin Packs It In”

  1. dejon05 Says:

    A few quick hits:

    – I hope everyone can take the time to read the long yet incisive Palin piece from Vanity Fair.

    – Tweet of the day comes from Peter Gammons… yes *that* Peter Gammons: “Sarah Palin is the Bobo Holloman of politics”

    – Is it possible this premature termination of her time in office could have something to do with an unearthed scandal? I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    – Perhaps this is irrational, but listening to Sarah Palin talk literally makes me nauseated.

    – IMO, JU’s point about celebrity is dead on. She strikes me as a narcissistic freak show.

  2. jazzbumpa Says:

    OK, you guys. I got nuthin’.

    Well, this: I was SO looking forward to Palin’s 2012 presidential campaign.

  3. ME Says:

    No matter what she ends up doing, look for SP to start bad-mouthing Alaska in about two months.

    • urbino Says:

      Really? Why so?

      I can’t imagine her doing it. Alaska’s too essential to her folksy, outdoorsy, frontier girl shtick.

  4. Terry A. Says:

    You think she’ll be a radio/TV personality? She seems wholly uncomfortable there, completely unskilled. Rush may be a fool, but he’s a silver-tongued fool. Palin makes even W sound good.

    Good call on the Harding gig. Sick and stupid, but this is the place that had Coulter lined up before the poop hit the fan. Palin will be a slam dunk, youbetcha.

    • urbino Says:

      I do. Lack of skill is no bar to fame. She’s much too popular for some radio network and/or Fox to not cash in, and I highly doubt she knows she’s no good at it. Plus, she’ll get better with practice.

  5. ME Says:

    I can heard the phones dialing in the ASI office right now.

  6. jazzbumpa Says:

    If Glen Beck can be a TV personality, I’d say Sarah has the goods.

  7. Palin Packs It In . . . Again! « Hungry Hungry Hippos Says:

    […] Palin-watcher (to the point of obsession), makes almost exactly the same points my previous two posts made.  Ultimately, though, he goes with the impending scandal theory. Possibly related posts: […]

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