Obliviousness Epidemic


I remarked in an earlier post on the endemic obliviousness among neoconservatives.

They’ve got nothing on the press.

The Washington Post was setting up pay-for-play meetings between lobbyists and government officials, and these knuckleheaded narcissists are under the impression that their sin was in not keeping enough distance between their influence peddling and their newsroom.  It’s all their CEO and publisher can bring herself to repent.  It’s all their internal “media watchdog,” Howie Kurtz, seems to be interested in.  Even newcomer Ezra Klein mistakes this for a journalism problem.

People.  This is not about your precious newsroom.

You were trying to sell access to — and therefore influence on — government officials.  That’s your great sin.  How far do you have to have your head up your own bunghole to think it’s all about your newsroom?  The fact that you were also advertising access to your reporters and editors is a far, far distantly second-tier issue.  So far distant it’s hardly worth mentioning; decidedly not worth mentioning at all until you’ve been held to account for peddling government influence!

Had these parties actually happened, and an illegal quid pro quo taken place between a lobbyist and an official at one of them, the Washington Post would have been liable to a RICO prosecution.  And you think your problem is your infraction of journalistic ethics?  Dude.

You’re helping corrupt our government.  How about taking that seriously?


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