I need to buy a lottery ticket, quick!


Senator Mudpuddle describes his senate “leadership” style almost exactly the same way I described it yesterday (see also here and here and here):

Reid says he expects the tactic of gentle persuasion to work best, given the size of his Senate Democratic flock and the political divergences within it. “I don’t dictate how people vote,” he said in an interview this month. “If it’s an important vote, I try to tell them how important it is to the Senate, the country, the president … But I’m not very good at twisting arms. I try to be more verbal and non-threatening. So there are going to be—I’m sure—a number of opportunities for people who have different opinions not to vote the way that I think they should. But that’s the way it is. I hold no grudges.”

That’s very sweet.  He would be a fine guru in a retreat somewhere.  But as a political leader in the senate, he’s teh suck, and he’s just described why.



One Response to “I need to buy a lottery ticket, quick!”

  1. ankara uydu Says:

    Harry Reid thank you eywallah 🙂

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