Fine California Whines


A coupla Californians are whining in comments over at TPM:

The shame of American democracy is that a huge state like California gets the same votes in the Senate that a pissant redneck backwater like Alabama or Wyoming gets. That is why the House can get a real bill passed and the damned Senate has to wait for pigs to fly. — “hollywood”

Hear hear.

California has been a cash cow for smaller states for too long (as has New York, for one), and we just can NOT afford to send more money to the feds that we get back, proportionately. We just got a cold shoulder from the feds for our education programs, and it is imperative we not subsidize other states’ health care reform, too. — “CalGal”

This is, of course, true.  Californians are famously impoverished, due to all the money they send to other states.  They’re practically Somalia, the poor dears.

Their state university system is an international embarrassment because it is starved of the funds the state sends to America’s intellectual powerhouses: the University of Wyoming, “the Harvard of the high plains”; and  the University of Alabama system, “the Berkeley of Birmingham.”

Their cities are hellish ruins, bereft of parks, roads, and basic services, because all their money is being siphoned off to fund America’s garden spots, Detroit and Memphis.  They get no tourist dollars because, really, who’d want to visit an impoverished hellhole like California, where the entire population is nothing but wastrels and vagrants?

What makes things worse is this is totally not their fault.  It’s not like they wrote and ratified a totally loony state constitution, or voted for a bunch of referenda that made it nearly impossible for their state to generate the revenue it needs to provide the services those voters want.

When will Alabama and Wyoming take their foot off California’s neck?  When will they allow it to rise to the enviable standard of living, education, and economic development they enjoy?  Oh, Lord Jesus, how long, how long?


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