A Slogan Arrives


Well, so much for not chanting political slogans.  I’m pretty sure “down with the dictator!” qualifies.

The first part, though — “”be not afraid, be not afraid, we are all together!” — strikes me as a terrific, non-political slogan.  Not so much in English, but in Farsi it has rhyme and a sturdy rhythm.  Watch the video.



2 Responses to “A Slogan Arrives”

  1. dejon05 Says:

    Being completely honest, I don’t know enough about Iranian politics to have a strong opinion on the bloodshed and protests taking place since the election. Obviously it has been heartbreaking to see how the Iranian government has treated it’s people.

    I also know this. The whole this is beyond fascinating. The impact of social media, and the humanity of it all. Videos of Neda (link leads to a Time Mag article with another link that would take one to the video. Don’t watch it unless you are prepared to watch a young lady die at the hands of an unseen gunman) and this video which also shows how the Iranian government responds to unarmed protesters.

    All of it is without question… unforgettable.

  2. urbino Says:


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