What the World Knows


Quoth Peggy Noonan:

John McCain and others went quite crazy insisting President Obama declare whose side America was on, as if the world doesn’t know whose side America is on.

I agree with the first part, but one shouldn’t let that last, “city on a hill” part pass without comment.  (Noonan was a Reagan speechwriter, after all.)

If the world knows whose side America is on, it’s not because America is always on the side of freedom and democracy.  It’s because the world knows America doesn’t like the current Iranian regime.  America often is not on the side of freedom and democracy.  If we happen to like the authoritarian, undemocratic option better in a given country, we cheerfully support it, even as it crushes indigenous movements for democratization like the one going on in Iran right now.

Throw a dart at a map of Latin America or the Middle East, and unless you hit Israel, you’ll almost certainly hit a country wherein America supports an anti-democratic regime, or used to support one that got overthrown.  Including, of course, Iran, where we ourselves overthrew a democratic government, installed an authoritarian, antidemocratic one, and propped it up for 25 years.

All of which is why Noonan is right that we can’t inject ourselves into the current Iranian uprising.  She’s just trying to sneak a little unearned rah-rah in there with it.

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2 Responses to “What the World Knows”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    I flipped the TV on for a moment this morning to see it I had the satellite signal back after last night’s storm, and saw Buchanan talking about the Iran situation. Before I could hit the mute button, he was saying Obama had done the right think playing it cool on the sidelines (my words, not his.)

    I was amazed to not see Pat spouting the rightwing talking points. It probably got worse in short order, but I didn’t stick around to watch that happen.

  2. urbino Says:

    That’s actually not surprising. Pat is and always has been an isolationist.

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