Pimps and Chumps


It looks like health care reform is in big trouble in the congress.

People are blaming a host of causes.  Some blame the Congressional Budget Office.  Some blame the industry.  Some blame procedural missteps.  Matt Yglesias blames the senate’s rules.  Many blame the GOP.

But here’s the thing.  When an organization fails, the people responsible are the leaders.  That’s who you hold accountable.

If health care reform fails, as I’m inclined to think it will, the blame falls entirely on the Democrats.

They’ve got the leadership of every institution in the lawmaking branches.  It’s their job to make those institutions work.  It’s their job to get things done.  If things don’t get done, it’s the Democrats’ fault.  Not the Republicans, not the CBO, not the health care industry, not senate rules.  The Democrats.

They’ve got overwhelming majorities in both houses, a very popular new president who campaigned on health care reform and therefore has a clear mandate, and every poll shows a majority of the country wants health care reform.  If they can’t get the job done under those conditions, it’s nobody’s fault but their own; they just aren’t up to the task of governing.

Their fundamental problem is they’re chumps.  They lack courage.  They control the institutions, but they let all those other people — the GOP, the health care industry, etc. — buffalo them.

If Dems ever want to get anything done, they’re gonna have to grow a set.  That includes the president, who has backed down from nearly every fight, so far.

If Dems ever want to make any inroads in the South, they’re gonna have to grow a set.  As much as policy differences, Southerners dislike Democrats because they can’t respect them.  They’re weak.  Chumps.

This country needs major health care reform.  But I don’t think we’re going to get it, due to a failure of Democratic leadership.


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3 Responses to “Pimps and Chumps”

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