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Also a Bad Idea

June 15, 2009

Everybody knows the problems with Iran.  It’s ruled as a theocracy by a fundamentalist cleric of the sort that issues fatwas against westerners and Israel and macaroni and what not.

In their presidential election last week, it looks like somebody — possibly these fundamentalist clerics, possibly the military — stole the vote to declare Ahmadinajad the winner.  That’s bad, too.

As much as we’d like somebody in a leadership position in Iran to stand up and insist on getting this cleared up in a fair and open way, this, also, is a bad idea:

Grand Ayatollah Sanei in Iran has declared Ahmadinejad’s presidency illegitimate and cooperating with his government against Islam . . . He had previously issued a fatwa, against rigging of the elections in any form or shape, calling it a mortal sin.

Issuing religious commands is as bad on one side as it is on the other when it comes to politics.  There’s something fundamentally self-contradicting about issuing a legally enforceable religious order to respect the freely expressed will of the people.

Until Iran figures this out and separates its religion from its machinery of state, it’s going to be in turmoil.

And lest we get to feeling too superior, there are millions of Christians in this country who need to learn the same lesson.  Reckon they’re watching and learning?

Me, neither.