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Janet Napolitano Hates Conservative People

June 13, 2009

More right-wing extremist violence.  This time, it’s the leaders of one of those “Minutemen” groups — one of them an ex-Special Ops soldier known as “Gunny” — breaking into a Hispanic family’s home in Arizona and murdering a man and his 9 year old daughter.

Police believe they thought the man was a drug dealer, and planned to murder the whole family and steal the money and drugs.  There seems to be no word on whether any drugs or cash were actually found at the scene.

This wouldn’t have happened if Janet Napolitano hadn’t distracted law enforcement by telling them to keep an eye out for conservative extremists, when the danger was actually from white people who hate brown people and foreigners, obsess over borders, love guns, belong to militias, and hold a rigidly fundamentalist view of the Constitution that includes the right to take the law into their own hands.  You know.  Leftists.

Sheesh, Napolitano.  Get a clue.