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Buchanan in Action

June 12, 2009

Pat Buchanan is at it again.  The racism, I mean.  This time, he’s written an article that says he prefers “old” racism — i.e., Jim Crow, segregation, no fair housing laws, etc. — to Affirmative Action.  It’s more honest, he says.

The funny thing about Buchanan’s unnecessarily racist opposition to Affirmative Action, though, is that he, just like Sonia Sotomayor, is a beneficiary of Affirmative Action.

He’s the token conservative at MSNBC.  It’s the only reason he has a job there.*  He’s a diversity hire, pure and undefiled.

He rarely says anything intelligent (though not never), he often engages in patently dishonest analysis, and he can’t speak more than three words without shouting.  Oh, and he’s a roaring racist. These are not qualities that leap to mind when you think: hmmm, what kind of person do I want to hire to be a high-profile news analyst on my multi-million dollar news channel?

[* Possible second reason: he’s an abrasive Irish Catholic and therefore reminds Chris Matthews of, I gather, the abrasive Irish Catholic conservative he himself used to be.  Now, of course, Matthews is an abrasive Irish Catholic quasi-liberal.]