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The Hippie Kitchen

June 11, 2009

Alright, boys and girls, you have to block out nine minutes of your life to watch this, but make sure you do it. I got to visit The Hippie Kitchen today, and I’m in love.

Deep Stupid

June 11, 2009

Today’s winner is every conservative who’s peddling the theory that James von Brunn, the white-supremacist gun nut who killed a black security guard at the Holocaust Museum yesterday, is not a right-wing extremist but, in fact, a left-wing extremist.

I mean, my God, why bother using words at all?  Let’s go back to drawing pictures on cave walls and grunting.

This isn’t just deep stupid, it’s malignant stupid, as in “malignant cancer”: it aggressively spreads itself.  It’s absolute stupid, as in “absolute zero”: the point at which all cognitive function stops.  Or if it’s not absolute stupid, it’s at least a Bose-Einstein condensate of stupid: a state of intelligence in which all meanings converge into a single quantum state and reach superfluidity, rendering them all both interchangeable and uncontainable, and slowing cognition to a crawl.