Neocon vs. Neocon, Loser Leaves AEI


Michael Ledeen, neoconservative, American Enterprise Institute foreign policy scholar, and, frankly, nutbar, has this to say about the surprising results of the Lebanese election:

I cannot help thinking that the Lebanese learned something from Obama’s Cairo speech (and Bush’s second term), namely that they cannot rely on the United States to confront terrorists like Hezbollah. They, and others all over the area, are going to have to do a lot of their own fighting, and take their own chances, even though they know they cannot count on American support.

You know, it seems like just yesterday that Robert Kagan, neoconservative and American Enterprise Institute foreign policy expert, was complaining that western Europe had gotten too comfy under the 50-year, Cold War protective umbrella of the US military.  Now Ledeen’s complaining that Middle Eastern countries might not get similarly comfy, and actually “do a lot of their own fighting.”

You fellas settle this like the manly men you are.


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4 Responses to “Neocon vs. Neocon, Loser Leaves AEI”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    Do you think this is just politic-speak — trying to say something that might shake the public’s faith in Obama. Or do you think that there’s an actual rift growing? Or do you think there’s always been a rift?

    • urbino Says:

      There’s no telling what Ledeen is trying to accomplish. The guy truly is nuts.

      As for a rift, no, I don’t think there actually is one, since they doubtless don’t see any inconsistency between their positions (if they’re even aware of each other’s positions). Plus, they actually agree about Europe being a bunch of ungrateful losers. Ledeen once accused Germany and France of having made a secret pact with Islamic terrorists to bring down the US.

  2. michaellasley Says:

    Also: is this gonna be a steel-cage match? Three-fall? Or one? And what about weapons? For instance, will flame-throwing be allowed?

    Also: Who’s the ref.? That’s very important!

  3. urbino Says:

    Jerry Calhoun, obviously.

    As for stipulations, I think it should be a coward-waves-the-flag match.

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