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Deep Stupid

June 3, 2009

Our work has been done for us, today.

John Schwenkler at American Conservative, in a post reminiscent of a post here’bouts, dismantles most conservatives’ favorite argument — most recently voiced by Newt Gingrich — that waterboarding cannot be torture because military trainers do it to our own soldiers all the time to prepare them for what might happen if they are captured.


By extension:

  • Having [forcible] sex with a woman is not raping her. Sex is routinely had between men and women as an expression of love and a means to pleasure and procreation.
  • Punching a man in the face is not assaulting him. Men routinely punch one another in the face in the boxing ring as a test of athletic prowess.
  • Driving 75 miles an hour on a residential street is not speeding. Cars routinely drive 75 miles an hour or more on the highway.

One of his readers adds a special touch for the Newtster:

Divorcing your cancer-ridden wife as she lays in a hospital bed so you can marry your mistress is not cruel and immoral. People routinely say painful goodbyes at the hospital.


via Sullivan