Deep Stupid


Today in Deep Stupid, we bring you Jared Taylor.

Taylor is a friend of Marcus Epstein, the anti-immigration organizer and speechwriter who works for Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan and was convicted in 2007 for an incident in which, staggering drunk down a DC street and happening upon a black woman, he pronounced her a nigger and “karate chopped” her in the head.  (Bear in mind that this guy still works for both Tancredo and Buchanan.)

Anyway, friend Taylor says:

I hope he can live it down.  I would have thought Dick Morris would never live down his $150 an hour hooker. I would never have thought Bill Clinton would live down what happened between him and Monica Lewinsky. In the end, those people were welcomed back into the fold. It’s just that liberals tend to be very unforgiving about things of this kind.

He’s being a supportive friend to Epstein, who sounds like he could use one, but there are two glaring problems with his logic.  Let’s take the quick one first.

Dick Morris is a conservative.  He has always been a conservative, even when he worked for Clinton.  If he’s been “welcomed back into the fold,” it’s not because liberals, being much more forgiving of sexual sins than of racism, forgave him; it’s because conservatives, for whatever reason, forgave him.  Fox News is the fold he’s been welcomed into, not Mother Jones.

Now for the longer one: false equivalence, Will Robinson!

So liberals are more forgiving of sexual misconduct than of racism in political figures — don’t you think that’s frigging appropriate?  These two wrongs are not equal.  If a political figure hires prostitutes or has an affair with an intern, that has little, if any, effect on that person as policymaker or -advocate.  It is a private, discrete act (though it may not be discreet).  If a political figure is a racist, however, that has a strong and systemic effect on that person as policymaker or -advocate.  It is a continuous mindset that drives a host of actions.  A racist will vote day after day based on his racism, because it poisons his perception of the issues themselves, of reality itself; a cad is rarely, if ever, going to vote based on his sex-having.

Maybe it’s the case that liberals should be less forgiving of sexual misconduct in politics than they currently are.  That’s at least a respectable point and worth discussing.  But the idea that liberals or anybody else should be less forgiving of sexual misconduct than of racism in politics, or even should treat them as equivalent evils, that’s loony.

If one cannot see that, one lacks even the most rudimentary moral reasoning skills.  Thus, today’s winner.


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2 Responses to “Deep Stupid”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    “Now we have proof that someone of that stature is running around like an idiot in the streets.”

    Ha – you want stupid, TEH LIBRUL don’t even know the difference between “like” and “as!”

    Buchanan baffles the hell out of me, but Tancredo is a genuine certified dunce.

    As to whether Taylor is stupid — tough call. It all depends on if he believes his own line of dreck. If so, yeah. If not, he’s just one more lying WingNut. Either way, though, I tend to be very unforgiving about things of this kind . . .

  2. urbino Says:

    Yeah, I’m not passing judgment on whether or not Taylor himself is stupid. I obviously don’t know. But what he said was stupid. That I’m sure of.

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