Janet Napolitano Hates Conservative People


A couple months ago, the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert to the nation’s law enforcement entities to be on the lookout for a possible uptick in violence by right-wing extremists; in particular, people who “are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion.”

Conservatives of every stripe howled with rage.  O, the bigotry! O, the prejudice! O, the criminalization of political dissent!

Today, Dr. George Tiller, an ob-gyn who performs abortions, was murdered on his way into church in Wichita, Kansas — the first such violence since a series of murders, assaults, and bombings in 1998.

God save us from anti-conservative bigotry.


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2 Responses to “Janet Napolitano Hates Conservative People”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    Well, as I recall, Timothy McVeigh was a flaming, left-wing, pinko commie, so Napolitano should just STFU!

  2. Janet Napolitano Hates Conservative People « Hungry Hungry Hippos Says:

    […] By urbino Yet further proof of just how wrongheaded and prejudiced against conservatives that memo was that DHS sent out to law enforcement agencies — the one about being on the lookout for a […]

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