She turned me into a newt!


Sonia Sotomayor has turned Newt Gingrich back into the Newt who used to lob firebombs from the back bench of the House in the 1980s.

Yesterday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) (no moderate or shrinking violet, he) said Newt and Rush went over the top when they accused Sotomayor of racism; he didn’t think such rhetoric was appropriate.  Cornyn, of course, is still trying to win elections — both his own and, as chairman of the Republican campaign committee for the senate, lots of other senate races around the country.  Rush and [probably] Newt don’t have to worry about such trivialities.

So Rush is still spewing the racism charge (despite its having been debunked by any number of news outlets and even conservative bloggers), and Newt went Newt-cular in an email blast:

If Civil War, suffrage, and Civil Rights are to mean anything, we cannot accept [Sotomayor on the Supreme Court, basically].

It seems to me Newt has lost his bearings a bit.  He needs to remember who his base is.  If he did, he wouldn’t be perpetuating the myth that the Civil War War of Northern Aggression had anything whatsoever to do with race.

You’d think a Georgia boy could keep that straight, but I guess it goes to show just how addle-pated he is by the sheer un-Americanositudinous judicial activism of this Affirmative Action harpy.  I mean, gosh, her very nomination “threatens the Republic.”  Who wouldn’t be a bit rattled?  (How long before somebody pulls out “existential threat” to describe her?  Or maybe they already have.  Anybody know?)

More on Newt’s email, later.


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