Deep Stupid


Today’s winner is Rush Limbaugh.  I have little to say about this one.  It’s not amusing.  It’s not a blatant factual error, like saying FDR wrote the “Hoot-Smawley” Act.  It’s just unforgivably irresponsible, even for Limbaugh:

How do you get promoted in the Obama administration?  By hating white people!

The thing itself is stupid.  The saying of it is deep stupid of the vilest kind.

Given his audience, in what way is this not like running into a crowded theater and falsely shouting “Fire!”?


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5 Responses to “Deep Stupid”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    I keep thinking that at some point Limbaugh will be so over-the-top that even his followers will think he’s a nut. I mean, that’s gotta happen at some point, no?

  2. urbino Says:

    What would it be? That’s a serious question, because I honestly can’t imagine it.

    Accusing the president of being anti-American, hoping for its destruction or subjugation, even conspiring with foreign agents and powers to bring it about? Lotsa talk radio nuts are already making those accusations. Calling for armed revolt? Wouldn’t be anything new.

    The governor of Texas hinted at secession. Georgia passed a “sovereignty act” that says if the federal gummint keeps innerfeerin’ in their bidness, the Constitution automatically becomes null and void and the state of Georgia reverts to absolute sovereignty over its territory. They didn’t just propose this thing; they passed it. By a large margin.

    Limbaugh’s listeners have already gone over the lunatic edge. He’s just validating what they already think or want to think, and he knows it.

    In that sense, they aren’t his followers; he’s theirs.

    Maybe if he came right out and called the president an uppity nigger and told people to lynch him, he might lose some listeners. I bet it would be surprisingly few, though, and the rest would rally around him once that ol’ librul media picked it up.

  3. jazzbumpa Says:

    The thing I wonder about Rush, and Ann, and Sean, and Bill is – are they just shameless, lying panderers? Or are they insane, and actually believe the shit they spew? I’m serious about the question.

  4. urbino Says:

    I’m not sure they know, themselves, jb.

  5. Rush & Me: Peas and Carrots « Hungry Hungry Hippos Says:

    […] I don’t think Limbaugh crossed any line of good taste or proper rhetoric.  (Which is the exception with him.)  I’ve got no problem with the saying of what he […]

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