Justice David Souter


Let’s take a moment from all the discussion of who will be Justice Souter’s replacement to honor the man’s service.  Souter was appointed by Pres. George H.W. Bush.  He was nominated specifically because he was an unknown.  After the Bork debacle, the safe nominee (and let’s have a moment of nostalgia for that middling instinct that Pres. George H.W. Bush possessed) was the nominee about whom little was known, the nominee who had revealed little.

Souter turned out to be, in my opinion, a SCOTUS treasure.

Not because he tended to side with what now passes for the liberal wing of the court.  Because he was, from all accounts, hard working, exceptionally good at his job, perhaps the keenest questioner during oral argument, the justice who had the firmest grasp on the core issue at stake in any given case, and cared so deeply about the work he did.  Souter, famously, wept over the court’s opinion in Bush v. Gore.

Even if one favored Bush over Gore, one can’t, I think, gainsay the man’s deep sense of the court’s duty and role.

If no one else says it, Justice Souter, this wee blog (or at least this wee blogger) says thank you for your service.  If we could populate the Supreme Court with more like you, this would be a better country.  I hope your retirement serves you as well as you’ve served us.



One Response to “Justice David Souter”

  1. DeJon05 Says:

    Hear hear!

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