Deep Stupid


Today in Deep Stupid, we bring you Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).  Admittedly, there’s a certain “fish in a barrel” quality to naming Rep. Bachmann the Deep Stupid winner, but when the fish shoots itself, you might as well roll it in cornmeal and toss it in the fryer.

In a floor speech about how Obama’s economic policies are causing a second Great Depression, Bachmann praised the policies of Pres. Calvin Coolidge and contrasted them with FDR’s approach:

FDR applied just the opposite formula–the Hoot-Smawley Act, which was a tremendous burden on tariff restrictions, and then, of course, trade barriers and the regulatory burden and tax barriers. That’s what we saw happen under FDR. That took a recession and blew it into a full-scale depression.

Deep Stupid doesn’t concern itself with the fact that she called the Smoot-Hawley Act the “Hoot-Smawley Act,” giggle-inducing though it is.  No, the reason Rep. Bachmann’s statement qualifies as Deep Stupid is this:

  1. The Smoot-Hawley Act became law in June of 1930, two and a half years before FDR took office.
  2. The Smoot-Hawley Act that became law two and a half years before FDR took office was itself a[n ill-advised] reaction to the Great Depression, which began in 1929, four years before FDR took office.

That’s right, boys and girls, once more we have a prominent Republican positing the existence of a time machine.  This time positing it twice over: FDR caused “Hoot-Smawley,” and FDR caused the Great Depression.

Adding to the fun is the fact that the “Hoot-Smawley” tariff was a 100% Republican policy, written by Republican senators “Hoot” and “Smawley,” and signed into law by Republican Pres. Hoobert Herver.

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8 Responses to “Deep Stupid”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    That narrative, though — that FDR created the Great Depression in his special evil liberal laboratory in his momma’s basement — that seems to be a very popular story amongst conservatives. I think Reagan Republicans read the evil FDR story to their kids every night. And no amount of looking at a timeline of events seems to matter.

    And no. I can’t tell a Reagan Republican from a non-Reagan (?) Republican.

    • urbino Says:

      Heh. The thing is, Reagan was a supporter and big fan of FDR, and of the New Deal specifically. The “big government” he objected to wasn’t FDR’s, it was LBJ’s; FDR’s was what he wanted to roll back to.

      All this nonsense about FDR causing the Great Depression is coming from Amity Schlaes’ “history” thereof. Reaction to it by a real economic historian here, and the links therein.

      • michaellasley Says:

        Ahhhh…..shows what I know, Reagan-Republican-wise. I just threw that in because every every every single Republican I’ve talked to in the past week has made a point to mention that they’re Reagan Republicans.

      • urbino Says:

        Yeah, that’s how they do. The Reagan most conservatives identify with isn’t the Reagan who actually existed.

        The Reagan who actually existed favored the New Deal, raised taxes when he needed to, appeared with dictators, negotiated with enemies, supported international law, opposed torture, and tried to reduce the world’s nuclear arms stock.

        Any one of those would get you labeled a left-wing RINO and kicked out of the GOP today.

  2. michaellasley Says:

    Also: I’m pretty sure it was the Sadie-Hawkins Act that caused the Great Depression.

  3. ME Says:

    I cannot believe this woman could convince the majority of voters in a Minnesota congressional district to vote for her.

  4. urbino Says:

    It is kind of astonishing. Minnesotans tend to be a pretty educated lot.

  5. ebailey51 Says:

    Jesse Ventura

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