Like I was saying…


Apropos of two of my recent posts, a new Gallup poll finds 51% of Americans want the torture of detainees investigated, and 55% of Americans approve of the torture they’ve heard about so far.

So, like I was saying:

  1. The people who did it and now are trying to evade responsibility for it really don’t have much to fear from the American people knowing what they did.
  2. Investigating, even prosecuting, these people would not re-establish the rule of law in this country.

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One Response to “Like I was saying…”

  1. jazzbumpa Says:

    What they don’t have is the overlap between the two groups – and I’ll bet it’s substantial.

    One of the hall marks of modern conservative mental gymnastics (I won’t call it thought) is to hold two grotesquely incompatible positions at the same time.

    I’ll bet there’s some of that going on.

    I comes down to this. Screw ethics. Screw the rule of law. Screw all that is right and decent. Ya gotta do what’s popular.

    Where is my barf bucket?

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