Flint Follow-Up


Mary Kane responded to my post, yesterday, about Flint, Michigan.  I have a couple of responses to her response.

First, in the immortal words of Col. Henry Blake: ho. lee. cow.  The Washington Independent just linked to our wee blog.  Okay, it was to disagree with me, but still.  As a regular reader of TWI, I couldn’t be more verklempt.

Second, I agree with everything in Ms. Kane’s response.  As I said in my initial response:

What we do have an interest in is: helping Flint shrink in a responsible, rational way, if help is needed; and helping the people displaced by macroeconomic shifts find suitable work elsewhere as quickly as possible, and helping tide them over while that happens.  It seems to me we’re already doing the latter (though perhaps more could be done), and Kane’s own reporting indicates Flint is doing a good job at managing its contraction.

If Flint (or Detroit or Dearborn or Gary, Indiana, or Cleveland, Ohio, etc.) needs to be fronted some cash to make their plans for a managed contraction work, that’s an investment we should make.  And if there’s a role for, say, the Bureau of Land Management in getting the necessary land banks up and running, it should play it.


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2 Responses to “Flint Follow-Up”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    I missed your first post on this yesterday. Neither of us were around when the migration North took place in our hometown (I don’t think), but my grandparents actually went to Michigan and then got homesick and came home.

    Adding to the list of mind-boggling things that have happened economically in the past year….I didn’t realize that an entire region of the country would be impacted to the point of disappearing. Complete ignorance on my part. Or naivety.

    Also: Congrats! Someone besides us should be reading you. For reals.

  2. alsturgeon Says:

    Agreed. I always want to have something to say to your posts, but “Wow, that was really good” gets old after awhile.

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