Here’s a topic sure to draw comment from this group: John Madden is retiring.  I’ll miss the old coot.  I couldn’t stand him as a coach, when he was a raving maniac.  But I like him as a commentator.  Despite his unhidden love for the Dallas Cowboys and his mancrush on Brett Favre, Madden made watching the games fun.

The real question on my mind, though, is: will NBC take the opportunity presented by this shake-up and sack Al Michaels?  The man has looooooooong outlived his usefulness.  Poor ABC kept changing their MNF booth personnel, trying to find something that drew more viewers.  No matter who they let go or who they brought in, the numbers never improved.  My personal theory is that that’s because they never got rid of the guy who was the problem — Michaels.

He couldn’t possibly be more bored by the games.  Insofar as he’s interested in football at all, it’s the business side.  He loves talking about the owners and the luxury box sales, but he could not care less about the games.

If they want to keep him on, have him cover horse racing.  That’s a sport he’s interested in.


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4 Responses to “Bam!”

  1. alsturgeon Says:

    First football memory I have is Madden and the Raiders winning Super Bowl 11. I liked to listen to him, too. Guess I hadn’t thought much positive/negative about Michaels. I do know he believes in miracles.

  2. michaellasley Says:

    I haven’t watched enough football in years to really comment on Madden’s abilities as an announcer, or even Michaels. Madden, the times I did hear him, seemed to genuinely love the game and was genuinely excited about it and wanted to talk about it.

    Good announcers are so hard to find. Because too much yay-rah enthusiasm is annoying. Too much analysis can be annoying. It’s hard to find a balance of those things. And it’s hard to find a balance for a wide-ranging audience. Madden seems to have found a way to balance the love for the game with the occasional sharp insight.

  3. urbino Says:

    I’d say that’s well said.

    NBC is replacing him with Chris Collinsworth, which is both good and bad.

    Chris Collinsworth knows a lot, but the thing he knows best is how great Chris Collinsworth is. And he shares Michaels’s BTDT manner. The combination of the two of them might break the arrogantometer.

    Two words, NBC: Mike. Patrick.

  4. Nomad Says:

    Madden was extremely smart to get into the video game industry

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