And when I say “makers and takers” I mean something else.


Sullivan clarifies the post I remarked on yesterday.  Or modifies it, anyway.  “Clarifies” isn’t quite the appropriate word, since now I’m sure what he means at all.

The translation seems to be: “When I said ‘makers and takers,’ what I meant was something unrelated to those words.”


2 Responses to “And when I say “makers and takers” I mean something else.”

  1. michaellasley Says:

    I do like these couple of sentences from that clarification article: “This is not about rich and poor as such. It’s clear at this point that the rich and privileged often get as much from government as anyone else.” I don’t really follow some of what he’s saying or how he’s defining Conservative.

  2. urbino Says:

    I agree there are some good points in his clarification. It’s certainly better than his first post. But I’m still left with the sense that he just used the wrong words/concepts in the first place. If we’re all (or nearly all) both makers and takers, how is conservatism going to ride back to glory on the back of a makers vs. takers debate?

    Sullivan’s kind of a mish-mash, conservatism-wise. He’s an Oakeshott, Thatcher, Burke conservative (in that order), with pretty strong libertarian undercurrents. That puts him almost totally at odds with what has become the dominant strain of American conservatism (a fact both he and they are very happy to point out).

    Unrelated but because it’s bugging me, this bit in my post — “since now I’m sure what he means at all” — obviously should read “since now I’m not sure what he means at all.”

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