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A snippet of voter feedback caught my eye, today.

Our stars are Dr. Sharon Poczatek and an anonymous lawyer.  Aside from their blinding ignorance of the American income tax system, which is what the linked article is about, this piqued me:

A 63-year-old attorney based in Lafayette, La., who asked not to be named, told that she plans to cut back on her business to get her annual income under the quarter million mark should the Obama tax plan be passed by Congress and become law.  …

“We are going to try to figure out how to make our income $249,999.00,” she said.

The attorney says that in order to decrease her income she’ll have to let go of clients, some of whom she’s been counseling for more than a decade.

“This means I’ll have to tell some of my clients we can’t help them and being more selective in general about who we help,” she said. “I hate to do it.”  …

Dr. Sharon Poczatek, who runs her own dental practice in Boulder, Colo., said that she too is trying to figure out ways to get out of paying the taxes proposed in Obama’s plan.

“I’ve put thought into how to get under $250,000,” said Poczatek. “It would mean working fewer days which means having fewer employees, seeing fewer patients and taking time off.”

Hey, kids, here’s an idea.  Instead of reducing your income by taking more vacations and reducing the amount of dental care available in Boulder, CO, or setting a bunch of retirees adrift to find a new attorney in Lafayette, LA, why don’t you just f*$#ing charge them less! And instead of laying off workers as a way of reducing your income, why don’t you just f*$#ing pay THEM more! More for them = less for you.  See how that works?

But no.  These simple, gobsmackingly obvious solutions never enter their minds.  Not even a teeny tiny glimmer of a foreshadowing of a hint of them, way, way off in the distance.  How f*$#ing self-absorbed does a person have to be?

It’s a pixel-perfect picture of what’s wrong with the people who own or run 90% of our economy.  If something is going to cost them a quarter, by God it’s going to cost somebody else that much or more.  The notion of just taking less profit (but remaining profitable) when times are tough, rather than laying off a bunch of people, is utterly alien to them: incomprehensible; inconceivable; beyond the horizon of their awareness; just completely off the map.

What is wrong with you people?!


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4 Responses to “Talk of the Town”

  1. Paolo Says:

    a point to note is that taxes are paid on the marginals. so basically the increased tax rate for incomes above 250K will only be charged to that amount in excess of 250K, not to the entire amount.

    0% tax rate for incomes below 10,000
    10% ” ” 20,000

    if you make 11,000 you would pay 0% tax for the first 10,000 and then 10% tax on anything in excess, so for the next 1,000, meaning you would have to pay 100 on taxes (not 1,100 as the lawyer and dentist in the article assume).

    Thus the more money you make the more after-tax money you have, and there should be no need to pay more or less, or hire more of fire more people in your business

  2. Sandi Says:

    Amen and hallelujah to both the post and Paolo’s comment. People foam at the mouth at the very suggestion of a tax increase without stopping to ask how much of an increase it will actually be — in this case, maybe two weeks’ worth of their Starbucks budget. Doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice for the greater good to me, but then again, I’m not a coffee drinker.

  3. Terry A. Says:

    Another mystery solved.

    We now know Urbino is the %@!$*^ BLUE Hippo.

  4. urbino Says:

    That’s the point the linked article makes, Paolo, taking to task both the quoted citizens, and the ABC reporter who made the same blunder.

    My complaint was more about their reaction to what they thought was true, rather than the fact that it wasn’t true.

    but then again, I’m not a coffee drinker


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