Get Irony Much?


Justice Antonin Scalia has been a thoroughgoing advocate for the Bush-Cheney theory of absolute executive authority when it comes to the treatment of detainees in the “War on Terror.”  He even got into a bit of hot water for expressing his views in a public forum when cases on the subject were pending before the Supreme Court.

On Thursday, in a blistering dissent from a court decision not to review a public corruption case, Scalia said: “Bad men, like good men, are entitled to be tried and sentenced in accordance with law.”

Ummm . . . hello?  Presumably, Scalia believes President Bush, in his absolute authority over his detainees, declared them not to be “men.”

Also, according to a WaPo poll, GOP voters have suddenly discovered they’re worried about deficits: “74 percent of Republicans in the new poll expressed grave worry about the deficit, 29 points higher than in December when George W. Bush held the reins.”

h/t Scott Horton


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3 Responses to “Get Irony Much?”

  1. alsturgeon Says:

    Ha. Hey, Scalia is going to be here next Monday for a “conversation” with Ken Starr. I’ve registered to attend, and I’ll try to file a report.

  2. urbino Says:

    If you get to ask a question, be careful. Tony gets snippy.

    I noticed Starr made the news recently, giving advice to the GOP on how to oppose Obama’s judicial nominees, or some such.

  3. alsturgeon Says:

    My spiritual gift is observation, not asking questions. 🙂

    And Dean Starr has a big week ahead, appearing before the CA Supremes representing the Prop 8 side that is banning gay marriage – there may be some protests to wade through on the way to class.

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