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October 18, 2008

Let me first say that I am not at all happy about the current financial crisis and recession. Indeed, it has affected me personally — for the past few months I’ve been doing contract attorney work, which is basically temp work for lawyers, and I’ve now been out of work for three weeks with no prospects in sight because contract work dries up overnight when the economy heads south. I am living a few months away from personal economic disaster, and only my confidence that I will get another job before that day comes allows me to sleep at night.

But there is a ray of sunshine here, and it’s one I’ve been on record as hoping for for only the last, like, ten years or so. I’ve always said that what we need is a good depression to reverse the devastating effects of the Reagan Revolution and usher in a new era of semi-progressive politics (hey, I’m realistic — we’re not going to get anything more than semi- in this country no matter how high the unemployment rate goes). It appears that such a thing may be on the verge of coming to fruition. It is unfortunate that it takes the personal tragedy of many hundreds of thousands of people in order to get there, but I for one am willing to endure some anxiety in order to get us back on track to being a better nation than we’ve been for the past almost-thirty years.

So when I read this article, I wanted to stand up and clap. Hurray for sending crotchety old Ayn Rand and her ilk into the dustbin of history!