Random musings on a random Tuesday (I think I’m turning into Michael):

1. I could spend all day watching Flight of the Conchords on YouTube. I’ve posted a little sampling for your  enjoyment. I also highly suggest “Albi, the Racist Dragon,” and “Business Time.”


2. My friend Holly and I recently came across a cassette tape by a kickin’ group called Five for One. And, whaddayaknow, one of the sensational singers is our very own Michael Lasley. If memory serves me right, one Juvenal Urbino frequented the group for a time as well. If only I could convert a cassette to mp3s. Now I have a little weekend project.


3. Last weekend, I moved from glorious midtown Memphis to the sad suburbs. People have always asked me if I feel safe in midtown. I tell them that I’ve never had any problems, unless you count people asking for bus fare as a problem. But, lo and behold, I move to Bartlett, and my house gets broken into my 3rd day there. (Confession: It’s not really my house. I’m living in the spare room of some married friends’ home. How Bohemian.) I’ve always argued that there’s a false sense of security in the suburbs and a false sense of danger in the city. Now I have proof! It’s bonafide! Yes, JU, just like Vernon T. Waldrop.


4. I just returned a couple of weeks ago from a trip to South Dakota, Montana, Canada, and Wyoming. We saw a bazillion wild animals, including a grizzly bear! Thankfully, this didn’t happen to us.


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3 Responses to “Randomness”

  1. urbino Says:

    I have no recollection of that, senator. I’m sure Mikey will, though.

    Glad you didn’t get eaten.

    Flight of the Conchords is (are?) a hoot. Thanks for the video.

    What’s in Bartlett? I thought you were going to Jackson.

  2. mrspeacock Says:

    Bartlett is just a stepping stone. My lease was up on my midtown apartment, and Jackson is still in the dreaming/planning/freaking out stages. Some friends offered their spare room for a few months, and I took them up on the offer.

  3. urbino Says:

    The Book says it profiteth nothing to give one’s soul to gain the whole world. But for Wales Bartlett?

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