Girl Fight!


One often hears from certain quarters that the world would be much more peaceful if women ran it.  To which I say: oh, really?  I mean, seriously, if that doesn’t disprove their argument, I don’t know what does.

Also, is anybody — anybody at all — surprised to read Rick Mahorn’s name in this?

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16 Responses to “Girl Fight!”

  1. Michael Lasley Says:

    In the picture, it looks like the woman back-right (in the white headband) is trying to pull the whistle out the refs. mouth. I’m sure that’s not what’s happening, but it makes for a better picture if it is what’s happening.

  2. Michael Lasley Says:

    Also: nice use of the “sweaty girl-on-girl action” tag. We haven’t used that one in a while.

  3. urbino Says:

    Thanks. I do what I can to drive up the stats.

    I didn’t notice the whistle-puller, but now that you mention it, that does appear to be what she’s doing. I also didn’t notice that Bill Laimbeer appears to be the coach opposite Mahorn. Is there any way this game wouldn’t have included a brawl?

    (Or maybe Mahorn is one of Laimbeer’s assistants. I can’t be bothered to read the articles I link to that closely.)

  4. Michael Lasley Says:

    I’ll summarize. There was a fight. Laimbeer is the coach for the Detroit Shock. Mahorn is his assistant. It actually appears that their team DID NOT start the fight. You read that correctly. Sure, their team was taunting the other team. But someone on the LA Sparks reached up and pulled the Shock girl to the ground.

    Best part of the article happens a few paragraphs in. Mahorn, when asked why he pushed a 38 yr. old mother of two to the ground, is quoted as saying: “I was trying to protect the whole game, the integrity of the game”.

    [We want him on that wall! We need him on that wall!]

    I’m guessing about the age of the woman he knocked down. She is in her 30s, and she does have children. But she might not be 38 and I don’t know how many kids she has.

  5. urbino Says:

    It was Lisa Leslie, right? She can’t be 38. 32, maybe.

  6. Michael Lasley Says:

    It was Lisa Leslie. She’s 36, according to Wikipedia. I shoulda looked up how many kids she had while I was there, but I didn’t.

  7. Michael Lasley Says:

    Okay. I just fact-checked the kid thing. She only has one.

    She also dunked in a game. I know I’m probably the only person in the world to not know this, but I didn’t. She was the first woman to do this. In a game.

    And Mahorn THROWS HER TO THE GROUND!!!! No respect there in Detroit. None.

  8. urbino Says:

    36? Wow. She’s old. Mahorn’s lucky she didn’t break her hip.

    The dunk was earlier this season, right? I think I remember hearing about it.

  9. Terry A. Says:

    Oh, jeepers, are you dumb.

    Leslie dunked YEARS ago. YEARS.

    Candice Parker, one of the original members of the fight club, dunked earlier this year. And thereby became the second WNBA dunker. (Can you name the second man to dunk in the NBA? Mark Eaton! Strange but true.)

  10. Michael Lasley Says:

    Come on, now. Let’s keep our discourse civil.

    Mark Eaton, eh? I’d have guessed George Miken (sp?). I mean, we used to do all those Miken Drills in basketball practice back when we were young. So he musta done something big, like dunk the ball.

  11. Terry A. Says:

    OK, I take back the “jeepers.” That was over the top.

    Back on topic, I liked the quote from one of the stories on the fight in which Laimbeer said, “Rick Mahorn is known as a peacemaker…”

    Right. And Dennis Rodman is known as a radio personality for Focus on the Family.

  12. Terry A. Says:

    By the way, I do find comfort in the fact that JU doesn’t know everything. His WNBA knowledge is shallow.

    For instance, he probably doesn’t even know that Rebecca Lobo’s husband is Steve Rushin, a longtime writer for Sports Illustrated.

  13. urbino Says:

    Eaton? Really? Nah. Chamberlain was first, right? Were all the dunkers through the 70s in the ABA?

    All I really know about the WNBA is that I find Dina Tarausi (sp?) hot, but don’t quite know why.

  14. Terry A. Says:

    How the heck should I know? Could’ve been Marc Iavaroni. Could’ve been Cornbread Maxwell. Could’ve been gritty, gutty John Havlicek.

  15. urbino Says:

    Well if you don’t know that, what good are you?

  16. Julien Says:

    That was ugly… definitely!

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