Pop Culture Round-up


Best Thing I Read: I just finished the India section of Eat, Pray, Love, and now I’m in the last section that takes place in Indonesia. It’s been an easy read but a challenging one as well. You don’t always find those two things together.

Looking forward to: When You Are Engulfed in Flames, the new collection of short stories by David Sedaris. They had signed copies at Davis-Kidd, and I’m a sucker for signed copies. And I’m sucker for David Sedaris, so it was a pretty good day!

Best Thing I Heard: My old roomie introduced me to the Austin band Alpha Rev, and I’m loving their sound. They have a very Keane quality, and that’s always good. I’m also enjoying The Avett Brothers, a seemingly impossible blend of bluegrass and punk.

Best Movie I Watched: Kung Fu Panda. It’s slim pickin’s these days. Although I did enjoy the Sex and the City movie far more than I expected. I’m not a huge fan of the show, but the movie was dramatic, hilarious, and pretty great over all. And, daaang, it make a fat wad of cash.

What I did NOT enjoy: Then She Found Me. Oh, how I wanted to like this movie. It’s the love-child of Helen Hunt who co-wrote, directed, and stars in the film. It has moments of greatness but is just too disjointed to work. While trying to be a drama, dark comedy, and romance, it never excels at any of them. And, as much as I hate to say it, Helen Hunt looked distractingly old. It also stars Matthew Broderick and the lovely Colin Firth.

Best TV I Watched: I honestly don’t think I watched a moment of TV this week except for some Gilmore Girls DVDs.

Best Pop Culture Moment: Yesterday at Schnucks I saw Robin from Cycle 1 of America’s Next Top Model. I almost stopped in my tracks 6 inches from her face (well, maybe not that close). Alas, I was there with my friend Jeremy who didn’t exactly share my elation. But, come on, it was Robin! She’s legendary in Top Model World!


4 Responses to “Pop Culture Round-up”

  1. Whitney Says:

    I just had to pipe in with, “I MISS the Gilmore Girls!”

  2. urbino Says:

    Best Thing I Read: Still Richard Price’s Lush Life. Also, this article in the New Yorker.

    Looking forward to: This review of Kathryn Harrison’s While They Slept has me intrigued.

    Best Thing I Heard: Old Nina Simone tunes, and new Esperanza Spalding tunes.

    Best Movie I Watched: I’m fixin’ to watch There Will Be Blood, so I’m hoping that.

    Best TV I Watched: Probably one of those “Foyle’s War” episodes on PBS’s Mystery! series. TV’s been dang slow, of late.

  3. michaellasley Says:

    I started Lush Life — and it’s so very good. You were right about his street lingo. And it’s a pretty good story. Although, seriously, not much happens in the first 1/3 of it. Lots of interrogation and some investigation. I’m surprised that that doesn’t bother me. But it doesn’t.

    And I’m still enjoying Tree of Smoke, even though I’ve only read maybe 100 more pages of it in the past 2 weeks.

    Best show I’ve watched: Andy Barker, P.I. I’m not kidding. There were only 6 episodes of the show (produced by Conan O’Brien), and they’re free online and are completely stupid and way entertaining.

    Heard: Ummm….I’m still stuck in 2007. Lots of Radiohead’s In Rainbows.

    Movie: I’m still stuck in 1998: The Big Lebowski. I watched it last night and fell in love with The Dude and The Stranger and the whole cast all over again. It was touching.

  4. alsturgeon Says:

    Read: “The Shack.” Didn’t like it very much.

    Looking Forward To: “The Westing Game.” Newberry winner I haven’t read since the 6th grade. Saving it for the day before my colonscopy when I’ll have lots of good reading time. Not looking forward to that specific day by the way…

    Best Thing I Heard: U2’s “One.” Oldie but goodie.

    Movies: As is often the case, N/A

    TV: Been catching several Law & Order episodes on cable. Plus, some NBA Finals.

    Pop Culture Moment: Not yet. Give me 53 days to head to Malibu, and I suspect I’ll run across a few!

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